Wallowa County Air

The company

as a community outreach arm under Wallowa County government, Wallowa County Air is focused on providing citizens of wallowa county with air quality information & resources

My role

Working predominantly in adobe illustrator, i started by sketching an outline of wallowa county, that would act as the main focal point.
The type for the project required a level of professionalism expected of a government office, but paired with a lighter script added an element of approachability.
i finalized the project with a color palette, and gradient that feels light and calm, and helps translate their desire to focus on the health of the community.

The goal

Based on discovery with the project lead, as well as their client questionnaire we needed to develop an identity that was easily recognizable to citizens of wallowa county (achieved with county outline as logo border), as well as to give significant importance to their mission, air quality (achieved with color progression and movement of air symbol).


to develop a logo to be used on print materials, as well as social media outreach.


full adobe creative suite • Illustrator • Photoshop • indesign

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